January 13, 2018

Amsterdam Holland

2002 Sony's first digital camera the Cybershot
4 megapixel camera in Jpeg



Coffee Shops

Living in Amsterdam as an Epat

I wanted to live in Amsterdam from the first time I heard they walked around in wooden shoes.  I was surprisedto find out that they really did ware wooden shoes.  Amsterdam was full of visual treats almost everywhere you went you could find a new and exciting visual experience and the country and buildings seemed to be more mature then the USA​.

Beautiful people

Amsterdam is know for the beautiful men and women.  The thing that is most notable at least when i was there is that their beautywas no simply skin deep. 

The attitude of the people and straight forward speech and language are one of the things that attracted me to Amsterdam in the first place.

Street Photography

There is so much to see and most people don't mind if you simply ask.

Wild Life

waterfowl for ducks to kingfishers, geese and swans in many parks were they will attack you for food.


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